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Learning To Fly A Drone

Drones are gaining in popularity, especially quadcopters. A quadcopter is a remote controlled drone with four propellers. It is primarily used by photographers, mappers, and hobbyists. The growth in use is attributed to the mechanically simple design of them, even though they are a challenge to fly. They take a fair amount of skill to operate properly. Photographers use them to get angles and pictures you cannot get from the ground. Most drones come with either a built in camera, or attachable ones. Hobbyists enjoy the challenge and maneuverability of quadcopters.

Prices for these drones range from inexpensive (under $50.00) to very expensive (over $1,000.00. The battery life is 10-12 minutes, and some come with rechargeable batteries. The best beginner quadcopter is an inexpensive one at first. Examples include a H107L mini quadcopter, or a NANO QX RTF copter. Another option is a UDI U818A drone that is designed for kids. The best quadcopter is much more expensive and is better left to experienced fliers. You can fly drones in many places, including many town parks. There are places you cannot fly drones. The National Park Service (NPS) has banned the flying of drones in all national parks.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has established rules and regulations for flying drones. The increased use of drones by civilians have caused concern regarding air space. Guidelines include keeping your drone in sight, not flying over 500 feet, and not charging people money for your flights. You must also stay away from manned aircraft with your drone. Drones can reach significant heights, and that is a problem for low flying aircraft, such as weather tracking helicopters and media helicopters. In cities, it can also interfere with law enforcement copters and medical life flights.

You should be mindful of other peoples privacy when flying drones with cameras in them. There is currently no specific laws regarding privacy boundaries and remote controlled drones. That may change in the near future, especially as drones get smaller and quieter. As technology progresses, they will not be as noticeable as they are now. Exercise respect and caution as you pursue your new hobby.


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